By the horizon louver roof, louvers are horizontal positioned. The roof needs a slope of 8° for water regulation purpose. When a slope of 8° is maintained the louver roof is rainproof. The louvers can be moved between  0° and 90°. With the position of the louver you can regulate the son light which falls inside. 



    Main technical dimensions Horizon

    The next figure shows a schematic overview of the Horizon. 





    Horizon Louver roof

    Size of louver

    112 mm

    Thickness of louver

    1,8 mm

    Louvers moveable

    0-  90 o

    Louver - Louver distance (Step / Pitch)

    90 mm





    Maximum depth

    4 m

    Maximum Length *

    7 m 

    Maximum Rack arm distance

    1,20 m

    Maximum Side overhang

    1 m

    * = number of pergolas placed next to each other is unlimited




    The beam is designed in such a way that there is a chamber for lighting. It has enough stiffness for a span of 4 m. The shape of the louver is optimized for regulating water. Every louver has its own gutter.

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