S System Rack Arms

A stylish and reliable Installation

S System louvers can be supplied with four different types of rack arms. Which type of rack arms is deployed depends on the project at hand. In 90% of the projects the Standard Rack Arm, will fulfil the job perfectly. In other circumstances the Heavy Duty Rack Arm, Box Rack Arm , or the Beam Rack Arm are used.

Additionally, Sunshield has a broad experience and a large assortment of mounting brackets and methods. The combination of several types of rack arms, mounting brackets and methods guarantee a stylish and reliable installation is for every blind in any situation.

For each project, the Sunshield engineers provide a detailed installation scheme, customized to the specific situation of that project. They are specialized in making the system "disappear" in the mullions, window frames and beams. It is guaranteed that the Sushield system gives an integrated view with the building.


Rack arm

Heavy Duty rack arm

Box rack arm

Beam rack arm


35 mm

80 mm

98 mm

117 mm