Louver Roof / Pergola


Do you want to regulate sunlight and heat on a terrace? That can be done! With a pergola or louver roof. Raise the slats and give the sun free rein. Lay the blades flat and create a roof that protects you from the sun. In closed position, the louver roof is also splash-proof.

Louver Roof, 88E, Innsbruck, AT

Multiple variants

Sunshield offers several types of louver roofs. Two standarised versions are the finite Horizon and the infinite Infinity. The louvers of the Horizon are horizontal positioned, while the louvers of the Infinity are placed vertical. The pergola roof of the Horizon has a fall of 8°. The louver roof of the Infinity has a gradient of 1 cm per linear meter. Both are therefore sloping. Although, the Horizon more than the Infintity.

Due to its design, the Horizon can be enlarged perfectly in width, but less in depth. The Horizon is mainly installed in residential environments. The Infinity can be expanded in both directions, width and depth. Since the Infinity can cover larger surfaces, it is mainly used in the hospitality industry. Your specific situation and wishes ultimately determine the choice for one or the other.

Apart from the Horizon and the Infinity, another solutions are possible. After all, custom made awnings is one of Sunshield's strengths. So when you are looking for a different kind of solution, drop a note.

SUNSHIELD Horizon Louver Roof, Private Home, NL

General Features

The blades of the louver roofs are operated electrically. With the push of a button, the slats can be directed in any desired position between open and closed. No matter the position of the sun, it can be blocked. Any time. Ventilation is a matter of opening the louvers a bit.

The Horizon and Infinity louver roofs are splash-proof. In addition, they have an integrated drain for rainwater. The terrace can thus also be used on rainy days. The optional LED lighting ensures sufficient light – until the wee hours. This lighting can be adjusted and dimmed remotely. Just like the louvers.

Plenty of choice

Sunshield offers an extensive range of louvers. Including a large variation in aluminum and wood. Louvers made from aluminum are available in a large number of colours. The most common colours are available from stock. Other colours and treatments – such as a coating with structure – are available on request. Wooden blades are mainly made from Western Red Cedar, but other types of wood are also possible. Just like the aluminum slats, wooden louvers are available in many different colours.

The Horizon and the Infinity are made with aluminum louvers. The 112E blade is used for the pergoala roof of the Horizon. The 117E slat is used for the Infinity louver roof.

SUNSHIELD Infinity Louver Roof 117E, Golfclub Helmond, NL

Terrace covering Golfclub Helmond

When the Golfclub Overbrug in Helmond renovated its clubhouse, a louver roof was installed on two sides of the club building. The total surface area of the Infinity roof measures 160 m2. Furthermore, slat walls have been placed as terrace separations. Roofs and walls consist of movable blades. The 117E louver was used for the roof and the 150E for the walls. All are executed in Pure White (RAL-9010) with structure.

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The benefits of Sunshield's custom made solutions are: 
  • The most effective solar control and daylight management.
  • A very robust and reliable system with long lifetime.
  • Flexible for every design, situation and shape.
  • Easy cleaning and lowest maintenance.
  • Stylish and architectural appearance


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