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Quadro Louver Roof with WRC Panels, Helmond, NL


Louvered roofs come in different variants. For example, with pillars on one side, with the other side leaning against a building. Or self-supporting, the slatted roof then stands entirely on its own four legs. And otherwise built into a recess, apparently floating.

Bureau In-Zicht (In SIght) in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) has designed a pool house for a residence in Helmond. Not a massive building with four walls, but an elegant interplay of a louvered roof on four slender pillars and two walls of panels with fine wooden louvers.

First, Sunshield created a louvered roof measuring 4 by 4 meters. Then, the rear wall was closed with four fixed panels, while two sliding panels are placed in the short wall on the outside.

These sliding panels can be placed together or pushed apart as desired. It just depends on how you seek protection from the wind or prying eyes. Diamond-shaped rhombus slats made of Western Red Cedar wood have been placed in all panels.

The aluminium components, including the blades in the roof and the framework of the panels, are coated in RAL 7016, anthracite grey. A fine grit has been added to the coating powder, resulting in a tangible and visible fine structure.

If the slats are closed, the roof is actually rainproof. A rain gutter has been incorporated into the frame of the roof and the columns have an integrated water drainage. Rainwater is therefore collected and drained to ground level, or even into the ground.

Rain or shine, a louvered roof is for all weather.

This project is created in collaboration with

Bureau In-Zicht

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De voordelen van Sunshield's maatwerkoplossingen zijn: 
  • De meest effectieve zonwering en daglicht beheer.
  • Een zeer robuust en betrouwbaar systeem met een lange levensduur.
  • Flexibel voor elk ontwerp, situatie en vorm.
  • Eenvoudig te reinigen en lage onderhoudskosten.
  • Stijlvolle en architectonische uitstraling.


Laat ons contact met u opnemen om uw situatie, wensen en behoeften te analyseren en om u te informeren over de mogelijkheden die Sunshield u te bieden heeft.

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