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Partner Portal

Welcome to the Partner Portal. This part of the website is dedicated to Sunshield's business partners. Here you find detailed product information, and tips how the engineers and marketers of Sunshield can support you to achieve your business goals. 


The Sunshield shop offers a catalogue of all available parts. The home page of the shop gives you a brief overview of the most popular products, and systems. Or just start exploring the catalogue. There are more than 1.000 products there, so it's easy to get overwhelmed. You can refine your search by selecting a system, (sub)categories, tags, and even colours.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base provides detailed technical information about the Sunshield louver systems as well as the parts to create them. Think of the rack arms, the pivot arms, and the clips. And a lot of systems would not be complete without cross bars, fascias, supports, and more. You will find it all here.


The engineers of Sunshield allocate a great deal of their time to creating designs. These drawings are required for the production, as well as for the installation of the louvers by you as a business partner. Product development is another activity, a more mid and long term focussed one. And last, but not least, the engineers are available for consultancy – just tap into their knowledge.


Besides with products, parts, and engineering, Sunshield can also assist you with marketing. Definitely, when you want to actively promote the Sunshield brand. The marketing department can, for example, help  you with the creation of promotional materials like brochures, or models. Models allow you to show the customer real world examples of the louver systems in your own showroom, or on a exhibition.

Business partner newsletter

Are you a Sunshield business partner? Considering becoming one? Then subscribe to the business partner newsletter and stay tuned of all relevant developments concerning Sunshield, systems, products, and marketing support.