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Multiple shapes, 94W & 148W, Woodstyle House, Riel, NL


Riel, just south of Tilburg, is part of the municipality of Goirle (NL). The village is surrounded by forests, heathland and sand drift areas. You walk through beautiful nature straight to Belgium.

Here is a detached house with the appealing name Maison le Jeune, fitted with unique louvers. By Sunshield.

For starters, two identical rectangles have been placed on the ground floor on the street side. These rectangles cover both an area of 4,5 m2.

On top of the rectangular louver system at the corner, a trapezium has been placed with a surface area of 17 m2. Next to it, on the same floor, a narrow rectangular system has been placed.

The facades of the striking house are clad with Iroko wood. The residents also opted for wood for the louver systems. The 98-W louver is used at the front and the 148-W at the rear. When the slats are fully open, these louvers have a view through of respectively 90 and 140mm.

The wooden slats are made of untreated Western Red Cedar wood. Western Red Cedar is relatively light, stable and durable. The wood can also be treated well if you choose to do so.

The aluminium components of the system, like the carriers, are made of anodized aluminium. The plastic parts are light grey.

To top it all off, a louver roof has been placed at the rear.

Video provided with the courtesy of Maison le Jeune

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