This page displays examples of custom solutions for sun protection and daylight management. You can filter projects from the portfolio by selecting a) your situation, and b) the product you need. "Eye Catchers" shows you ideas for inspiration.

  Multiple Louvers, 148W, Private Home, De Meern, NL De Meern
  Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, NL
  Multiple Louvers, 155E, Nederhorst den Berg, NL Nederhorst
  Quadro Louver Roof, Boskoop, NL Boskoop
  Horizon Louver Roof, Loenen, NL Loenen
  Triangles, 88E, Private Home, Denekamp, NL Denekamp
  Trapezium, Private Home, Overloon, NL Overloon
  94W, BVR Zonwering, Brandeburg, NL Houten
  150E Large Office Rectangle, Raamsdonksveer, NL Raamsdonksveer
  88E Dormer Louver Solution, Helmond, NL Helmond
  150E Louver, Marco van Veldhuizen Architects, Rhenen, NL Rhenen
  96E Louver, Marco van Veldhuizen Architects, Rhenen, NL Rhenen
  96E Louver Wall, Son en Breugel, NL
  75E, Rectangle above entrance, Son en Breugel, NL Son en Breugel
  50W-74W, Renovation Tower Bridge, UK London
  88E Louver Roof, Mexico, Ayamonte, 88E-Woodlike Guadalajara
  Sunshield Quadro Louver Roof Rettenbach
  Horizon Duo Louver Roof, Waddinxveen, NL Waddinxveen
  Triangle 96E, Private House, Pijnacker, NL Pijnacker
  Half Circle - 80R - Arctic Kaihdin, Finland Joensuu
  Trapezia, 96E Louver, Lofthome, Tienhoven, NL Tienhoven
  Triangles, 94W Louver, Barn house, Leuth, NL Leuth
  Multiple Louvers 96E, Son en Breugel, NL Son en Breugel
  Horizon Louver Roof, Private Home, NL Helmond
  Infinity Louver Roof 117E, Golfclub Helmond, NL Helmond
  School Triangle, 75E Louver, Doetichem, NL Doetinchem
  Rectangle, 96E Louver, Utrecht, NL Utrecht
  Triangle, 75E en 155E Louver, Wierden, NL Wierden
  Triangle, 75E Louver, Houten, NL Houten
  Triangle, 155E Louver, Rijswijk, NL Rijswijk
  Louver Roof, 88E Louver
  Wall, 155E Louver, Wierden, NL Wierden
  Sliding Shutters, Langbroek, NL Langbroek
  Louver Roof, 155E Louver, Nieuw Vennep, NL Nieuw Vennep
  Triangle, 150E Louver, Hagestein, NL Hagestein
  Infinity Louver Roof 117E, Golfclub Helmond, NL Helmond
  Pergola 88E Louver, Innsbruck, AT
  Triangle 155E Louver, Alphen, NL Alphen
  Triangle 148W, Lauwers Architects, Reusel, NL Reusel
  Large Arch, KMG, Neede, NL Neede
  Banque Populaire Cahors Cahors
  Habufa Meubelen Hapert, NL
  Fire Brigade Courbeil Essonen, Paris
  Atelier 19 Architects, Zwolle
  Horizon Louver Roof, Soest, NL Soest
  Horizon Louver Roof, Woudenberg, NL Woudenberg
  Office Overtoom, 155E Louver, Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam
  School CSO De Boog, 75E Louver, Apeldoorn, NL Apeldoorn
  Triangle, 155E Louver, Rotterdam, NL Rotterdam
  Traingel, 94W Louver, Teteringen, NL Teteringen
  Roof, 88E Louver, Beers, NL Beers
  Pyramid, 145E Louver, Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam
  Louver Fence 150EL, Golfclub Helmond, NL Helmond
  Awning C100 Louver, Budapest, HU Boedapest
  Awning C100 Louver, Office Garden, Budapest, Boedapest
  Triangle 88E Louver, Tiel, NL Tiel
  Trapezium 88E Louver inside, Historical Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam
  Sloping 96E inside, Office The Curve, Amsterdam, NL Amsterdam
  Sliding panels 74W, Bakkerij Jorrink, Raalte, NL Raalte
  Triangle 74W, Hogs Head Golf Club,Ireland
  Rooflight 75E, Pars Building
  Triangle 75E, Moscow, Russia Moskou
  Sliding Doors 68W, Eelde-Paterswolde, NL Eelde - Paterswolde
  Starmann 80R, Wien, Austria Wenen
  Trapezium 94W Louver, London, UK Londen
  Awning C100 Louver, Den Haag, NL Den Haag
  Triangle 155E Louver, Nederhorst den Berg, NL Nederhorst den Berg
  94W Louver, Riel, NL Riel
  Triangle 75E louver, Dwingeloo, NL
  14 meter Triangle, Emmen, NL
  Beko PLC, Watford, UK
  Built-in Pergola, Riel, NL Riel
  148W Woodstyle House, Riel, NL
  94W Woodstyle House, Riel, NL Riel
  Walter van Lier Projekten, Helmond, NL Helmond
  Modoc Werkt, Tholen, NL Tholen
  148mm WRC, RAL-9004 painted, Breukeleveen, NL
  Modern Country House, Groessen (NL)
  Large Pergola, Krasnodar, Russia Krasnodar
  Hospital Hungaria
  Roof Overhang Roermond
  Kempen Cladding Bergeijk
  Penthouse 1
  8 Sided Pyramid, Ukraine
  Brandhorst Museum München, Vertical System
  Brandhorst Museum München, Skylight
  Design Pergola in Residence, Romania
  Market Hall, Chatellerault, France
  Control Centre Mining Company, Dome Shape
  Glass Home Extension, Londen Wimbledon
  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
  Meulan Piscine, Paris
  National Gallery London
  Crédit Agricole Bank, Lille
  Conservatory Architect Moed
  Ballroom Mansion House Stevenage UK
  Pergola - Rooflight , Wilshire (LA)
  Tarable, Italy
  Radio Station, Moscow
  Budapest University
  Budapest Office with Ventilation Window
  Louvre Museum in Lens, France
  Hotel in Shanghai
  Yale University Art Gallery
  Vila Nova, Architect Petrovic
  Sotheby's London
  Pergola, Israel, 2
  Museum Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen
  MD Anderson Cancer Institute, USA
  Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  Garden House, 75E, Ancona, IT Ancona
  Triangle, 155E Louver, Vleuten, NL Vleuten
  Triangle 68W, Eelde-Paterswolde,NL Eelde-Paterswolde
  Sloping Side 155E Louver, Udenhout, NL Udenhout
  Wooden Triangle, 's-Gravenzande, NL
  Garden House, Tilburg, NL Tilburg
  Kent State University, USA Kent
  Garden House, Tilburg, NL
  Banque Populaire Cahors, France Cahors
  Mercedes Showroom, Moscow
  Skyscraper Apartments, Moscow
  Skylight Wooden Slats, Lithuania
  De Pont Museum Tilburg
  Osmosis Cleaning
  Bouwmaat XL, Leiden, NL
  Church of Arnemuiden
  Partial Office Sun Shading
  Wooden Dune House, Terschelling,NL
  Pergola, Oosterhout
  BMW Store
  London Hamilton terrace
  Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Gent
  Doha Convention Center
  Restaurant in Assisi
  Fort Voordorp, Maartensdijk
  National Gallery London
  Curved Blind
  Office Building Bucharest
  Fashion Store, Boxmeer
  Morgan Library and Museum, New York
  Salamanca Square
  Office Architect Renzo Piano Building Workshop
  Mercedes Office, Maastricht
  Curved Blind
  Townhall Goes, Netherlands
  Museum in Genoa
  Blvd d'Anspach, Brussel
  Trapezium, Baarn Afval
  Secondary School Amsterdam
  School in Derby, UK
  Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, Williamsburg
  London Museum, Ontario
  Curty Fourras
  Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  Apenheul, Apeldoorn
  Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven
  Volkswagen Production Plant, Chattanooga
  Pergola, Greece 1
  Pergola, Israel, 1
  Pergola, Capri, Italy capri
  145E Louver, Ardesch Showroom, Dalfsen, NL Dalfsen
  Balcony 88E Louver, Dekoflex
  Trapezium 155E, Enschede, NL Enschede
  Skylight, Northampton, UK
  Circle Domus Lumina, Lithuania Kaunas
  Wooden Triangle, Skirpus, Lithuania
  Facade Agri Delft
  Dushanbe Orion Bank, Russia
  Architects Office, Moscow
  PL Trans Office Moscow
  Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
  European Solidarity Centre Gdansk
  Public House, Ukraine
  Hotel Singapore
  Waterfront Villa
  Natuzzi Decoration Store, Top of Building
  Penthouse Backside
  Hotel Atrium Extension
  Glass Home Extension, London Paultons Square
  House Design Margriet Jager
  Elisabeth Hospital, Tilburg
  Post Office, Mulhouse
  Terrace Roof, Country House, France
  County Development Agency, Dakota
  Dutch Embassy, Budapest
  Villa in Angoulême, France
  Medical Care Home, Droomhuis Wageningen
  Townhall Stein, Netherlands
  Glacis Business Center, Luxemburg
  Blinds in Moving Frame
  Cambridge Court
  Woodstyle House in Construction
  Library in Dobrecen
  Conservatory, Modern Style
  DAF, Paccar Hannover Messe
  Breda University
  Vlijmen, Netherlands
  74W - Guam Parliament, USA Hagåtña
  88E Louver, Ardesch Showroom, Dalfsen, NL Dalfsen
  Special Shape 80R, Musée Art Deco, Paris Parijs
  Triangle 94W Louver, Wijk en Aalburg, NL
  Triangle 155E, Heemstede, NL Heemstede
  Conservatory roof light, Czech Republic
  Skylight, Northampton, UK
  Large Skylight, Northampton, UK
  Circle in Skylight
  Renovation Villa, Leidschendam
  Reversed Triangle, Domus Lumina
  Trapezium rooflight, Czech Republic
  Chair in Conservatory
  Mock-up Pinakothek Museum, München
  Rooftop Bedroom Extension
  Conference Room
  Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  ANZ Bank, Melbourne
  National Gallery Australia, Canberra
  Office Pergola, France
  Bungalow Entrance, Belgium
  Factory Entrance, Stork Zwolle
  Medical Institute
  Modern House Brunssum
  Proma, Moscow
  Swedish Embassy, Moscow
  Skylight Triangle, Greece, 1
  88E Facade air movement control, Akzo HQ, NL Amsterdam
  Horizon Louver Roof - Smoke Zone Raamsdonksveer
  Triangle, 96E Louver, Boskoop, NL Boskoop
  Residential Building 80R Louver, Mexico
  Frontside House, Breda, NL Breda
  Skylight Texas USA
  Kin, Blue Building Rijen
  Dutch Embassy, Budapest
  Hessennatie, Antwerpen
  Small Circle Blind
  University Hogeschool Leeuwarden
  Effective Rooflight, Italy
  Small Circle for Privacy, Greece
  Guilderland Library
  SUNSHIELD Infinity Louver Roof 117E, Exhibition
  SUNSHIELD Horizon Louver Roof 112E, Exhibition
  Wooden Blind in Living Room
  Curty Fourras, Skylight
  Private House, Uden
  Tilburg Woningbouw
  CSI, Uden
  Office Building Den Bosch
  Factory Gatehouse Best
  Auditorium University of Lotz, Poland
  Flight Support Eindhoven
  Pergola, Israel, 3
  88E Skylight, Ardesch Showroom, Dalfsen, NL Dalfsen
  80R Louver, Ardesch Showroom, Dalfsen, NL Dalfsen
  Pergola 155E Louver, Custafer
  Mercedes Dealer, Haarlem
  Facade Extension Small Enterprises
  Harvard University, Boston
  Insurance Company Goudse Verzekeringen
  Rooflight Country House, France
  Library of City of Larissa, Greece
  Delta Center Shaped Fascia
  Horizon Louver Roof - Installation Raamsdonksveer
  School Gorinchem
  Triangle House
  Facade Styling Phone Shop Primafoon
  Standard Conservatory, France
  Conservatory, Doetinchem
  Depont Museum Test with 75E