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Triangles, 96E, Residence, Nederhorst den Berg, NL

Nederhorst den Berg

Nederhorst den Berg in the province of North Holland is located on the Spiegelplas (Mirros Lake), a recreational area with beaches and islands where you can cycle, walk and swim to your heart's content.

Here, the front and rear facades of a charming, detached house are equipped with unique louvers. By Sunshield.

The slat system at the front is at the base three meters wide. It starts as a rectangle, but after half a meter the sun protection system continues into a triangular shape.

The louver system placed on the top facade at the garden side has the shape of an isosceles triangle. The width at the base measures almost five meters, the height is two meters.

The slat systems both have a motor and are operated independently of each other with a remote control. This allows the louvers to be infinitely adjusted to any position between open and closed.

The residents have opted for the 96-E louver. This is a slat with a width of 96 mm. The visibility between the slats, when they are fully open, is 90 mm. So, lots of daylight and a view.

The aluminium components are coated in RAL 7016, anthracite grey, with a gloss level of 30%. This percentage of gloss gives a matte effect. The plastic parts are black.


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