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Sloping 96E, Office Building The Curve, Amsterdam, NL


Sunshield always finds a solution. This is not meant to be presumptuous. Only as a basic mental attitude. Also approach extraordinary assignments with determination ; "We find a solution".

The Curve project in Amsterdam is a good example here. This striking asymmetrical office building counts 175 window elements spread over 5 floors. These window elements vary in size, angle and slope. All 175!

An exterior solution was out of the question from the start. Due to the unique architecture of the building, an exterior solution was eventually installed anyway. But on the inside...

Generally, regardless of whether it is an outdoor or an indoor situation, a rack arm is mounted on mullions. The rack arms are then hidden from view by the louver system. So at The Curve, where an exterior system is installed inside, the rack arms are visible. Which in turn gives a special cachet to the project.

For The Curve, Sunshield has designed a system with the 96-E louver. Each individual slat is unique. In length and / or the ends have unique angles. Customization at its best.

The aluminium parts like louvers and rack arms are coated in RAL 7043, also known as traffic grey. The jet moulded plastic parts are finished in black.

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The benefits of Sunshield's custom made solutions are: 
  • The most effective solar control and daylight management.
  • A very robust and reliable system with long lifetime.
  • Flexible for every design, situation and shape.
  • Easy cleaning and lowest maintenance.
  • Stylish and architectural appearance


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