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Nautilus Louver Roof, Private Home, Heiloo, NL


Heiloo is a village in the province of North Holland (NL). It is located in Kennemerland, a region with the largest dune areas in the Netherlands. Recommended if you want to get some fresh air.

Here is a detached house equipped with a Nautilus louver roof. By Sunshield. This slatted roof is placed against the extension of the house. The louvers of the Nautilus are recessed in the roof construction.

The pergola roof is almost 12 meters wide and has a depth of 2 meters. When the slats are closed, a watertight surface is created. A nice extra is that the roof keeps the sun away from the conservatory.

A rain gutter has been incorporated in the conversion of the Nautilus louver roof. The roof slopes slightly, so that rainwater runs to this rain gutter, where it is collected, and drained through the legs of the roof.

As icing on the cake, a louver wall has been installed at the head of the terrace. This wall mainly serves as wind protection. The slats are opened and closed with a handle, or placed in a position between these two extremes.

All aluminium parts are coated in RAL 7016, anthracite grey. The plastic components are black. LED spots incorporated in the beams of the roof provide atmospheric lighting, until the small hours.

Rain or shine, one can always enjoy the outside under a louver roof.

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