Louver Wall


Louver walls and louver screens are two applications of the same solution. More privacy? A windshield? Hide functional, but less beautiful devices? It is possible with slat separations.

170504 – 96E – Multiple Louvers, Son en Breugel, NL

Versatile solution

Louver walls and louver screens are two sides of the same coin. Whether you want to increase privacy or protect less attractive equipment. You achieve this goal with partitions from slats. Blades offer great flexibility. Certainly in relation to other secretions. You can easily set the louvers in the desired position. This can be practically infinitely variable from 0° (completely closed) to 90° (completely open).

Air conditioning is a fantastic invention, but not exactly a piece of art. The solution? Camouflage the machinery with a louver screen. When the air conditioning is running full throttle on a hot day, open the blades for extra air circulation. A slat wall is also a solution for terraces. Do you want a view or more ventilation? Open the louvers. Prefer some privacy or protection against dusty winds? Close the louver wall, partly or completely.

SUNSHIELD Louver Fence 150EL, Golfclub Helmond, N

Plenty of choice

Sunshield offers an extensive range of louvers. Including a large variation in aluminum and wood. Louvers made from aluminum are available in a large number of colours. The most common colours are available from stock. Other colours and treatments - such as a structure - are available on request. Wooden blades are mainly made from Western Red Cedar, but other types of wood are also possible. Just like the aluminum slats, wooden louvers are available in many different colours.

160414, Garden House, Tilburg, NL

Project Garden House

For a private home in Tilburg, the Netherlands, a corner in the garden is transformed into a garden house. With just two slat walls. The existing brick fence was used for the other walls. The resident wanted a roof, slightly higher than the brick wall. That is why six "windows" of blinds were added as "fillers". For this project, the 75E louver was selected. The blades and mounting materials are durably coated in anthracite gray (RAL 7016).

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96E Louver Wall, Son en Breugel, NL

96E Louver Wall, Son en Breugel, NL

Horizon Duo Louver Roof, Waddinxveen, NL

Horizon Duo Louver Roof, Waddinxveen, NL

Multiple Louvers 96E, Son en Breugel, NL

Multiple Louvers 96E, Son en Breugel, NL

Son en Breugel
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The benefits of Sunshield's custom made solutions are: 
  • The most effective solar control and daylight management.
  • A very robust and reliable system with long lifetime.
  • Flexible for every design, situation and shape.
  • Easy cleaning and lowest maintenance.
  • Stylish and architectural appearance


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