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Sliding Shutters, Langbroek, NL


Langbroek, a village of the municipality of Wijk bij Duurstede, is located under the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. The rural area with its many castles is particularly popular with casual walkers and hikers alike.

Here, in collaboration with contracting company Legemaat van Elst, Sunshield fitted a country house with two completely different types of louver systems.

Depending on the width of the window, one or more sliding panels are installed in front of the windows. Day and sunlight management is controlled by the user by sliding a panel to the left or to the right.

Moving a panel is easy, guides have been placed at the top and bottom of the window for this purpose. The aluminum blades in the panels are fixed, these are always positioned in the same angle.

In addition, a slat system with the 96-E louver has been installed on the rooflight on the left. The horizontal louvers of this system are movable. This is can be done stepless, the user can set them in any desired position.

The aluminium parts of both types of systems are all coated in RAL 9005, jet black. The plastic components of the 96-E system are also finished in black.

Even though two completely different louver systems have been installed here, the colour scheme used makes them a particularly good match. And they integrate beautifully with this striking country house.

This project is created in collaboration with

Legemaat van Elst

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