Brise Soleil

150917, C100, Office building, Budapest, Hungaria

The C100 louver is made of a high grade extruded aluminium. The size is 100 mm. It is suited for external installation: horizontal, vertical or sloping situations. The possibilities in width, height and shapes are almost ulimited.

Main technical dimensions for Brise Soleil

The figure below shows a schematic overview of a C100 system consisting of rafters and C100 louvers.


Aluminium louver C100


Size of louver

100 mm


Thickness of louver

1,2 mm


Louvers moveable









Maximum Width

600 cm


Maximum Drop / Length

600 cm


Maximum area

40 m2


Louver - Louver distance (Step / Pitch)



Different versions of the Brise Soleil

The are four different clips for the C100 louver.
In the following overview the clips withs corresponding angle are displayed.


A stylish and reliable Installation for every C100 System

The C100 System can be provided with 3 rafters. The size of the overhang influence which type of rafter is used. The clip determines the angele of the louver. Additionally, Sunshield has a broad experience and a large assorment of mounting brackets and methods. With that, a stylish and reliable installation is guaranteed for every blind in every situation. For each project, the Sunshield engineers provide a detailed installation scheme, customized to the specific situation of that project. It is guaranteed that the Sushield system gives an integrated view with the building.



Information for Architects & Designers

Louver Types

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  • Stylish and architectural appearance


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