Wood Louver 94W


The 94W is a non retractable louver blind made of wood, Western Red Cedar is the type of wood which is msot commonly used. With a width of 94 mm it size lies between the 74W and the 148W. It is suited for internal and external installation to horizontal, vertical, sloping or unusual shaped windows.



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Main technical dimensions for aluminium louver 94W

The next figure shows a schematic overview of a 94W
system consisting of rack arms and 94W louvers.






Wood louver 94W


Size of louver

94 mm


Thickness of louver

14 or 16 mm


Louvers moveable

0-  90 o








Maximum Width (W)

400 cm


Maximum Drop / Length (L) in drawing 540 cm  *

600 cm


Maximum area

20 m2


Louver - Louver distance (Step / Pitch) (S)

90 mm




Maximum Rack arm distance (X)

130 cm

120 cm

Maximum Side overhang (Y)

30 cm

30 cm

* = number of rack arms placed beneath each other is unlimited

Wood louver 94W in different positions

The 94W Louvers are moveable in every position between 0 and 95 degrees.                                         In the following overview the louvers are represented every 15 degrees from 0 to 90 degrees in vertical position (for normal windows) and horizontal position (for roof lights and sky lights).
Of course the Sunshield blinds can be installed at any slope wished.



In the above overview tree louvers are placed in the position 0°, 45° and 90 degrees.


A stylish and reliable Installation for every 94W System

The 94W System can be provided with 3 rack arms. In 90% of the projects the Standard Rack Arms fulfills the job perfectly, but in special circumstances the "Heavy Duty Rack Arm" or the "Box Rack Arm" are used. Additionally, Sunshield has a broad experience and a large assorment of mounting brackets and methods. With that, a stylish and reliable installation is guaranteed for every blind in every situation. For each project, the Sunshield engineers provide a detailed installation scheme, customized to the specific situation of that project. They are specialized in making the system "disappear" in the mullions, window frames and beams. It is guaranteed that the Sushield system gives an integrated view with the building.





Rack arm

Heavy Duty rack arm

Box rack arm


35 mm

80 mm

98 mm


Installation depth

Depending on the choice of rack arm and the installation brackets the system will have a specific installation depth. The standard bracket solutions have been represented in an overview that you can open by clicking on the image to the right. If you need a larger or smaller installation depth, the Sunshield engineers can adapt the system to your requirements.



A wide variety of Colours and types of wood

Sunshield has many colours in stock. Additionally it is possible to have customized colouring and treatments. It is even possible that louvers, rack arm and plastic components each have a different colour to achieve sophistacted architectural impressions. Western Red Cedar is the type of wood which is often used due to its ability to stay levelled. Due to that the product is custom made it is possible to us other types of wood within in the limitations of that the wood is suited to make louvers from. Custom made colours and structures are possible at request. A overview with most common colours is given below.

                                                                                                                      Western Red Ceader





The plastic components that make the louvers turn are made from a high-grade polyamide and are standard available in 4 colours. If necessary even the colour of these plastic components can be customized.




Ligth Grey  

Pure White   






Quality and Certificates of Environmentally friendly production


Downloads for Architects & Designers 



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