Public buildings

Public buildings often serve multiple functions and diverse users. In government buildings, these are, for example, administrators, officials and visitors – the public. With regard to energy consumption, they are often passive buildings.

Fire brigade Pompiers Courbeil Essonen, ParisFire Brigade Corbeil-Essonnes, Paris, France

A custom-made facade, glass roof exterior or glass roof interior from Sunshield is by definition a sustainable solution and thus enhances the green character of the public building. There are also plenty of opportunities for the architect to embellish the building – with respect for any historical heritage.

A Sunshield slat system can easily last 10 years. And with a maintenance contract, owning and operating costs can be further reduced. This means that an investment in unique Sunshield louvers is also good for the budget. And that for many years to come.

141202 - 74W - Guam Parliament, USAParliament Guam, Micronesia, United States

Some references

Townhall Goes, NetherlandsTown hall, Goes, Netherlands

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The benefits of Sunshield's custom made solutions are: 
  • The most effective solar control and daylight management.
  • A very robust and reliable system with long lifetime.
  • Flexible for every design, situation and shape.
  • Easy cleaning and lowest maintenance.
  • Stylish and architectural appearance


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