Aluminium Louver 117-E

Close-up SUNSHIELD Atlantis Louver Roof with rack arm

A 117-E louver system is a non-retractable slatted blind with 117-E louvers. These louvers are made from high-grade extruded aluminium, and have a width 117 mm. The 117-E is specifically developed for the Infinity louver roof. Infintiy louver roofs are applied with a slope. Water drainage with the 117-E works best with a slope of 1 cm per running meter. 

Profile of the 117-E louver

The front, the visible side, of the 117-E louver has a flat shape, offering a good overlap. This is further enhanced because successive blades also interlock. Allowing, in combination with the 1 cm sloper per running meter, splashproof louver roofs. The back of the blade is designed for optimal fixation of the clip that holds it.

Drawing of the profile of the 117E louver with width indication

The 117-E louver system

The following image shows a schematic representation of a 117-E louver system. Such a system consists of at least two rack arms, and a number of louvers, blades.

Drawing rack arm distance S-system

Louver properties

Louver type
Size of louver
117 mm
Thickness of louver
1,6 mm
0° – 90°
Louver distance / Step (S)*
90 mm
Maximum width (W)*
600 cm
Maximum drop / length (L)*
600 cm
Maximum rack arm distance (X)
140 cm
130 cm
Maximum side overhang (Y)
40 cm
30 cm
* = the number of rack arms placed on top, or next to each other, is unlimited.

Sunshield 117-E louvers, the blades, are moveable, and can be placed in any position from 0 to 90 degrees. Sunshield louver systems, the blinds, can be installed horizontal, vertical, in any desired slope, and upside down.

The Infinity

Sketch of the Infinity louver roof

With the Infinity louver roof, the 117-E louvers are vertically positioned - perpendicular to the building. This louver roof needs the usual slope of 1 cm per running meter. When this fall is applied to the louver roof, it is rainproof. The louvers can be moved between 0° and 90°. The name infinity is selected because there is bascially no limit to the length of the louver roof, and it only needs to be supported every 4 m.

Information for Architects & Designers

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