S-system Clips

It all starts with the desired louver type. The louver type defines the clip. The clip connects a louver to the rack arm. The standard S-system clip is used for most louver types. Some types however require a custom slat clip, because of the size (width) or shape of the louver.

Standard S-system clip in four different colours

The clip is a two part mechanism. Jointly, the pivot arm and slat clip determine the position of the louver; from open to close, and any position in between.

The aluminium louvers up to and including the 117-E, and the wooden louvers up to and including the 94-W make use of the S-system and the standard S-system clip.

The exceptions are the aluminium 48-E50-A, and the 80-R. As well as the wooden 50-W. The clips for these louver types are described separately, and listed in the menu in the sidebar.

Pivot arm

Sketch of pivot arm S-systemThe pivot arm is pressed into the top track of the rack. This makes a clipping sound, and the reason this part of the assembling process is called clipping.

Slat clip

Sketch of slat clip S-system with locking screwThe slat clip is the part that holds the louver. The slat clip is connected to the pivot arm. Together these parts operate like a knee or elbow joint.

Clip Colours

The pivot arms and slat clips are available in four colours:



Ligth Grey  

Pure White   





Please note that the RAL colours stated are merely indications.