C100 T-bracket system DWG side view

The C-system is developed for brise soleil applications, also known as sun breeze systems. These are protruding canopies with a horizontal projection, mounted to the building along one side only. 

The image above shows a drawing with T-brackets. An alternative system, here below, is with a strut system:

C100 Strut system DWG side view

Up to a projection of 1500 mm, you can choose from T-brakes and struts for mounting the brise soleil to a building. Is the projection1500 to 2200 mm, then you have only one option - the strut system.

A typical brise soleil system constists of:

  • T-brackets or struts - to mount the brise soleil to the building
  • Rafters - each connected to a T-bracket or strut
  • Clips - fixed in a track of the rafer
  • C-100 louvers attached to the clips
  • Fascia - optional, U-shaped profiles, on the front and sides hiding the system from view

C-100 louvers are alsways fixed, as in non-movable, and tiltable. Because of that, rafters have a simpler construction than the rack arms of the S-system, and the L-system, which have generally tiltable louvers.