Sunshield Rack Arm System

The non-retractable louver system was initially developed for skylights and sloping windows where conventional blinds were unable to deliver a statisfying solution. Sunshield's rack arm blinds can be installed horizontally, vertically, and at any angle in between. These sunshields can adapt to any window shape too – triangular, circular, trapezoidal, whatever.


Rack arm systems can be deployed to control solar heat gain, solar control (lux values), glare and light levels.  These louvers find their way to museums, art galleries, residensies, factories and offices. Throughout the world, from Australia to the United States.

In addition to the solar heat control function, rack arm systems offer extraordinary black out capabilities. Especially the 88E and 155E extruded aluminium slats are able to provide significant light exclusion (in excess of 99%), as well as a very precise light control. This level of light reduction is achieved with baffles and brushes that prevent light penetration around the perimeter of the blind. 

assembled rack arm S-System

96E louver on a S 35 mm rack arm

The foundation of the louver system is an assembled rack arm, as shown here above. Pivot arms are clicked into a track of the rack arm. Each pivot arm gets a slat clip. The slat clips hold the louver. All clips are connected to an operating strip. The operation strip is connceted to a bearing bracket with a link arm. This side of the rack arm is called, the strip side.

So each rack arm has a bearing bracket. And all bearing brackets of a blind are connected to a drive shaft. Rack arms equipped with operation, like a motor or a crank, also have a gearbox. This gear box is located at the other side of the rack arm. Just like the motor, or the crank, itself. That side is called the motor side, or operation side.

The image above displays an assembled rack arm of the S-system – of the 96E to be exact. The louvers up-to-and including the 117E make use of this S-system. 


150E louver on a L 65 mm rack arm

For the bigger louvers, the 145E, 148W and above, Sunshield has developed the L-system. These louvers are higher, and heavier. That is why these slats require a sturdier foundation. The sketch above shows an example of a rack arm with 150E louvers. As you will notice, the slat clips look differently, definitely bigger. As well as the claw grips that replace the bearing bracket, but fulfil the same function. 

For more information about the S-sytem check out the S-system page. For more information about the L-sytem visit the L-system webpage.