Black-out brushes

By combining fascias with strip brushes, a close to 100% black-out can be achieved. An effective solution for bedrooms, projector rooms, as well as cinemas that require a maximum of darkness. Brushes with a strip thickness of 3,5 and 5 mm, varying hair lengths, are in stock in grey and black. Other types are available on request.

Brushes 3,5 mm

Drawing of fascia brushes 21x3000x3,5 mm
  • Brushes, with 3,5 mm strip
  • Brosses, avec 3,5 mm strip
  • Bürsten, mit 3,5 mm Streifen
  • Borstels, met 3,5 mm strip

Brushes 5 mm

Drawing of fascia brushes 40x3000x5 mm
  • Brushes, with 5 mm strip
  • Brosses, avec 5 mm strip
  • Bürsten, mit 5 mm Streifen
  • Borstels, met 5 mm strip