S-system Clips 50-A Louver

The 50-A louver is one of the louver types of the S-system, that doesn't use the standard S-clip. It requires a custom slat clip. That is because the 50-A has a step of only 45 mm. And since it is roll formed, it is much thinner than the extruded louvers.

Rendered image of the clips of the 50-A louver

The clip is a two part mechanism. Jointly, the pivot arm and slat clip determine the position of the louver; from open to close, and any position in between.

Pivot arm

Double pivot arm for 45 mm step louversThe pivot arm is pressed into the top track of the rack. This makes a clipping sound, and the reason this part of the assembling process is called clipping. This double version is specifically developed for louvers with a 45 mm step (pitch).

Slat clip

Technical drawing of the slat clip of the 50-A louverThe 50-A slat clip is the part that holds the louver. The slat clip is connected to the pivot arm. Together these parts operate like a knee or elbow joint.

Clip Colours

The pivot arms and slat clips are available in four colours:



Ligth Grey  

Pure White   





Please note that the RAL colours stated are merely indications.