Aluminium Louver 107-E

Photograph demo model 107-E louver

A 107-E louver system is a non-retractable slatted blind with 107-E louvers. These louvers are made from high-grade extruded aluminium, and have a width 107 mm. A 107-E louver system is suited for all kinds of internal and external installations; horizontal, vertical, sloping, and upside down. 107-E louvers are usually movable, but can also be placed in a fixed position.

Profile of the 107-E louver

The front, the visible side, of the 107-E louver has a flat shape. Besides a great overlap, this louver also interlocks. This makes the 107-E louver perfect for black-out systems. So when you are looking for a louver that allows you to darken a room by daylight, the 107-E should be on your short list. The back of the blade is designed for optimal fixation of the clip that holds the slat. 

Drawing of the profile of the 96-E louver with indication of width

The 107-E louver system

The following image shows a schematic representation of a 107-E louver system. Such a system consists of at least two rack arms, and a number of louvers, blades.

Drawing rack arm distance S-system

Louver properties

Louver type
Size of louver
107 mm
Thickness of louver
1,5 mm
0° – 90°
Louver distance / Step (S)*
90 mm
Maximum width (W)*
600 cm
Maximum drop / length (L)*
600 cm
Maximum rack arm distance (X)
140 cm
130 cm
Maximum side overhang (Y)
40 cm
30 cm
Support distance
S 35 mm rack arm
180 cm
120 cm
S 80 mm rack arm
300 cm
240 cm
S 98 mm rack arm
420 cm
350 cm
* = the number of rack arms placed on top, or next to each other, is unlimited.

Sunshield 107-E louvers, the blades, are moveable, and can be placed in any position between 0 and 90 degrees. Sunshield louver systems, the blinds, can be installed horizontal, vertical, in any desired slope, and upside down.

Information for Architects & Designers

Rack arm Louver Systems Aluminium

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